• Underfloor heating technical literature

Underfloor Heating


With over 20 years experience installing underfloor heating we are able to meet the needs to a vast array of applications.


Underfloor heating systems are suitable for all types of property, whether it’s domestic or commercial, and can be easily linked into most types of heat source (including air to water heat pumps, geothermal, or an existing or new central heating system).


How it Works


Low temperature water (typically 50°C) circulates through a series of continuous pipe loops laid under the floor, turning it into one large radiant surface. The pipe loops for each room (or zone) all run to and from the system manifold, which is conveniently located in one easily accessible position.


The heat distribution within a room is also different, underfloor heating provides the warmth to a room from the floor up, rather than radiating around the ceiling space first, therefore the distribution profile is far closer to the ideal.



Underfloor heating systems are also completely hidden except for the room thermostat. You have no radiators to decorate or arrange your furniture around, so it gives you design freedom. And it is the perfect solution for heating areas with high ceilings.


Underfloor heating is compatible with virtually all types of floor finish and construction, and can be easily combined with radiators and towel rails.

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